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Revolutionary Youth Empowerment Program

Chapter XIII at a Glance

Chapter Xiii (13) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire a revolutionary change in our communities. Based in Bridgeton, NJ, Chapter Xiii provides academic support/tutoring to struggling students as well as students who would like to get ahead in their classes. During our classes, we also teach supplemental education courses that include; economics, morals, law, artistic appreciation, art therapy, social interaction, and religion, to name a few. We also assist our mentees families with acquiring resources for their students; whether it be uniforms, clothes, haircut or hair dresser, money for class trips or school events, sports equipment, anything that will help our families breathe a little easier. We also hold community events with the hopes to bring families together to celebrate our rich cultures as well as enrich the community with programs and events never before seen or done to this magnitude.


Ways We Help

It takes a village to raise the children



No matter your walk in life, profession, education level, or background, you are welcomed to join the Chapter Xiii team and assist with imparting your knowledge and experience into our youth. If you would like to get involved in building the future leaders of YOUR community, it doesn't matter if you want to be a guest speaker, a volunteer, a coach, a testimony, a motivational speaker, anything, please, contact us.

Donation Information

If you would like to drop off food supplies or would like to support our cause head over to the Contact Us section  so we can connect! We also have registries at the following stores.

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