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The Offer


comprehensive after school program that encompasses academic support from experienced educators, mentorship from trusted members of the community who can offer relevant advice and guidance to students, as well as a community resource facility who is willing to reach out into the community to provide products and services to those in need. 


With over 50 years of combined educational experience, our staff is dedicated to ensure that the next generation of leaders is well educated. This does not just stop at their grades, but extends to scholastic comprehension and ability to convert was was taught in the classroom and apply it to everyday situations. 

We also have our own Specialized Educational Curriculum which incorporates Social& Emotional learning, among many other class that are not taught in school but are vital for the growth and development of our future leaders. 



Outside the classroom, we understand that there are issues our youth face when dealing in social settings and based on society's standards, we serve as a beacon of light when things may not be as clear as we would hope to ensure students stay on course as they go through life. Our mentorship program is based in goal setting, accountability, and rewards. We make sure our mentees set SMART goals and have every tool possible to achieve them. 



As active members of the community, we aim to connect families in the community with resources that are needed. We host quarterly give aways like our "Fruit by the Foot",  "Snack Pack Give A Ways", "Give A Way for the Holidays", and Self Care Sundays where we make sure our families have everything they need.

Our newest program is our "Expecting Greatness" program for single parents and expecting families. We seek to provide necessities for our families who are Expecting Greatness.

All donations go to these programs and are tax deductible.

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