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Chapter XIII Video Promotion

Chapter XIII Video Promotion

Hello, my name is Angela Kelley and I am the president of the non profit organization Chapter XIII. The inspiration for this non profit came to me while I was working as a substitute teacher for many different schools in my community. Many of the students that I have worked with come from very harsh backgrounds and face challenging obstacles in everyday life. When I finished my day at work I would sometimes come home and cry, not only at the dilemmas that these students have, but also because I felt like I should do something to help them. Being as though I am very timid and very shy I was not so anxious to create Chapter XIII. I felt like someone else was more qualified than myself and could organize a business that will be much more beneficial than I ever could. This year I finally found the courage to write the superintendent of schools and discuss my program with many parents in my community. I am a very hard worker. I really hate to ask for anything. I really do. However, I have had a very hard life as a child with my father dying at the age of 5 and also my mother being sick. It was a continuous cycle of my mother going in and out of the hospital. Unimaginable things happened to me in my childhood and that trauma haunted me in my adulthood. When I look back on my life, I wish I could have had someone to advocate for me. When I look at my students I see myself. Needing someone to be there for them. So I ask of you...please donate. What Chapter XIII will provide for our mentees is a positive and safe environment for them to socialize. Chapter XIII provides academic support, mentoring, and financial assistance to our mentees and their families. There are many instances where my mother was stressed out because of the financial obligations at school. Events such as picture day, Santa's workshop, and the book fair, can be very stressful for a mother and a student in a poverty stricken environment. While working at the schools in my community for the past 10 years, I observed that many students were severely behind academically. The situations that these students face at home are sometimes overwhelming. Chapter XIII works hand in hand with the students, parents, and educators to ensure academic success. Chapter XIII also provides academic support and extracurricular classes ranging from financial literacy to socialization. In addition to academic success and financial support, mentoring students with long and short term goals are our main objective. No matter how big or small your donations will be encouraging and appreciated by Chapter XIII and our mentees. I wholeheartedly thank you for your time and your consideration. Be blessed Please donate to our Go Fund Me Song Credit: James Blake "Retrograde" Movie Clip: Space Jam No Copyright Infringement Intended
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